Work Injury Lawyers, Boise, Idaho

If you have a Workers’ Compensation claim, we can help. When it comes to getting the money you deserve after you’ve been injured on the job, going up against your employer it can seem like fighting an uphill battle. We are proud to represent many people who have been injured on the job or because of workplace negligence.

We’ve learned by experience that Workers’ Comp insurance companies don’t always tell you about all of the benefits to which you are entitled. We make it a goal to correct that and give you all of the information you need in order to get the maximum benefits you possibly can. We know that getting injured on the job can be a devastating experience and, and you should have to worry about your family because you don’t know if you’ll get the workers compensation settlement you should be getting or not. We’ll make sure you get the full benefits you deserve under the Workers’ Compensation laws of Idaho.

You may also be entitled to recover further damages, in addition to your Workers’ Comp benefits, from other persons or entities who have been negligent and may have contributed to your workplace injury. Unfortunately, many of our clients aren’t aware of the other compensation sources they have available to them, so talking to us is a good idea because we can help you explore all your options and find additional ways to offset the cost of the personal injury you sustained at work and the money you’ve lost out on because of it. Call or contact us today and we can help you get the worker’s compensation you deserve. If you have questions, we’ll answer them in a professional and easy to understand way so that you know everything you need. We are proud to offer free consultations, so you’ll lose nothing and gain the help you need.

Boise Idaho Workers Compensation Lawyers


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