Nursing Home Abuse Neglect, Boise, Idaho

A lot has changed over the last fifty years, and especially over the last hundred years. Back in the day, most families cared for their elderly parents and relatives in their own homes and, without proper medical knowledge, largely did the best they could.

However, with new advances in technology and medicine, many families are choosing to place their elderly family members in a nursing home where they hope they will be happier and more comfortable than they would if left at home. Their families also expect that their parents and grandparents will be given the best care available, care that they might not be able to provide for them themselves.

What Happens When Your Loved One Suffers Nursing Home Neglect?

Unfortunately, the care provided by some nursing homes can vary widely from one facility to another. Some facilities are careless and neglectful in how they treat and provide for their patients.

Such behavior is completely unacceptable and violates the trust you have placed in them when you allowed them to take over the care of your parents or elderly relatives. If you or a loved one has been injured in a nursing home or similar facility due to nursing home neglect, we can help. You might feel angry or betrayed to find out that your loved one has been treated poorly, and might not know where to start in order to make things right. If you’ve been the victim of nursing home neglect, you don’t have to fight this battle alone.

We’ll be happy to answer your questions about what options are available to you as you seek to recover the damage done to you and your family because your nursing home neglected your loved one.  In addition, we are pleased to offer the initial consultation on your case for free. Give us a call or fill out a free online contact request today.



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